Abundance Now – how to avoid outgrowing your community

Grab your pen and notepad and hold on tight because we’re covering a lot of ground in this video!

As we continue to talk about relationships, I think it’s important that we discuss the strain that occurs in our relationships when we begin to outgrow our loved ones.

So often, as we begin to succeed in our life’s mission, and we start to work longer, faster, and harder toward our goal, we can forget to nurture the community that has loved and cared for us along the way.

In fact, the ultimate success is creating the lifestyle you want and helping those you love in it.

So in this section, I want to share the key techniques and concepts you can use to deposit love into your community and nurture your most cherished relationships, all while still pursuing your dreams.

And as you’re going through this video, I know that many of you may have an aha moment when you hear something that is especially true for you. When you do, be sure to share it on Facebook or Twitter, and use the hashtag #abundanceNOW so your tribe can grow from this moment with you.

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  1. Joyce Dale
    Joyce Dale says:

    I attended the Abundance Now event in Atlanta with my daughter and I must say, I am so hooked on Lisa and the entire motivational team. You are all amazing with an amazing leader.

    What a life changing event and wonderful group!

    See you again soon!

  2. Madhavi
    Madhavi says:

    I read “abundance now” book and it’s an awesome book. I am working on visualisation part from that and I follow Lisa on every YouTube video. I am so eager and curious to learn more and progress myself in the path of abundance. She is a great mentor for me sent by God. Thank you so much Lisa

  3. Carolyn
    Carolyn says:

    Lisa….you are so amazing! I have your book, LOVING IT!!! I had an Aha, moment! I was a WIC mom also! I felt a little embarassed at times. But as a mom…you do what needs to be done! #BOL Now I own a couple of businesses. I have come to realize that the businesses are an investment to fund into my Abundant Life! After reading, “Abundance Now,” I look at life more differently.

    Thank you for sharing your story!!

  4. Maureen Damery
    Maureen Damery says:

    I just received your book, Lisa, an am So looking forward to reading it. You are an amazing inspiration to me. I’m currently on assistance and at the same time getting my workshop related to my book, Your Owner’s Manual For Life, out there…I know, like I know that there is so much more out there for me and my Son. Thanks to your inspiration, I am moving forward. Yes-Yes!!!!
    Many Blessings to you ~ Namaste!

  5. Cynthia Spencer
    Cynthia Spencer says:

    Hi Lisa
    I want to say that i love every video of yours. It has changed my ways of thinking totally. I have never felt alive knowing that someone out went through the same thing like me. Have no money to point your came out of it.
    Your testimonies have a chance me and has causes me to do things right for me.

    I am going to purchase your book Abundance Now most definitely.

    I live in the caribbean and i promise myself one day i will meet with you face to face.

    God bless you for helping many many people who thought there is nothing in life to bounce us back too. It only take a serious 360 °
    mind shift.

    I to declare to myself :- I have nothing to hide, nothing to protect, nothing proove and nothing to defend. I say this every day of my life from the time i watched your video.

    Thanks and God you always.

    West Indies

  6. Kerry
    Kerry says:

    Thank you for this great Talk
    I have the audio book and the hard copy, I listen to the audio book every night before going to be.
    I am taking a few things from this talk, one is to stop learning and start doing; living what I have learned! I am a ‘professional learning’ but I find it hard doing, however, the memorizing scripture metaphor brought it home to me. I will go through your book in the Month of April with a fine toothcomb, gleaning twelve lessons to apply to my life and run with them all through 2020.
    Another thing I will look at is, working out how much it will cost me to gain my freedom and go for it
    Finally, I am coming to terms with loving my family as they are, and running with my vision alone!
    I so desire to be coached and trainned by you 🙂
    Thank you, Lisa, for your wisdom
    Kerry from Nigeria


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