Fear. It’s one of the most powerful emotions we encounter. In fact, our fear is rooted deep in our subconscious minds and it’s very purpose is to keep us alive.

But that same fear that keeps us safe can also hold us back.

You see, when we’re not afraid, when we’re not experiencing fear, we’re not playing big enough.

It’s only when we get comfortable with fear, and see it as a learning tool, that we can know more, grow more, and stay on our A-game.

It’s then that we can push through our fears, move past our stopping point, and prepare ourselves for new opportunities.

In this video, I’m going to share with you the concept of fear storms – and how getting through your fear storms will put you into action and move you past where you normally would stop so you can go on to conquer new opportunities and leave your legacy.

And speaking of legacies, we are also going to discuss what it means to leave your legacy and how living your abundance today can impact the legacy you leave behind in the future.

So join me inside and let’s get started.