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Intentional Relationship

One of the first things I coach my students on is how to uplevel their circles.

Why, you ask? Because a large part of the growth in my own business had to do with who I chose to surround myself with. My relationships have shaped who I am and have transformed my life.

In both your personal and business circles, seek out the high ROI relationships.

Look for people who will pull you forward, put you on your tippy-toes, and will inspire you to reach higher. And once you find them, keep them close to you. They are your voice of reason, your direction, and your sounding board.

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  1. Lisa Rutherford
    Lisa Rutherford says:

    I was inspired by mention of Nelson Mandela & Mother Teresa, it reminded me of moving through and coming out of struggle into destiny. It helped me focus on the destiny that God has for me and created a stronger focus to on what more there is for me in spite of what’s going on in my life today. I am patient for my success that is inspired with my daily habits and new beliefs.

  2. Angela
    Angela says:

    I have had mentors that I haven’t met for years. As a new member to the MTM tribe/community, I’m looking forward to building new relationships that will make me stand on my tippy toes! Enjoying the journey!

  3. Eugenie
    Eugenie says:

    You are my mentor.
    You are fantastic, love your strength, love your truth, love your compassion, and love your happiness.
    You inspire and motivate me.
    I just want to hug you, Lisa Nichols.

  4. Danielle B.
    Danielle B. says:

    Just left the Abundance Now conference in ATL, came in the room walking and left out the room flying.
    Thanks to Motivating the Masses team!!!

  5. Toni Davis
    Toni Davis says:

    I love and thank The Lord for you
    I’m older and feel life is passing me by,I know what God has put in me and whom its for,I just need a stage I will get it soon,again thanks for all of your encouragement.Blessings!

  6. Paula Hynd
    Paula Hynd says:

    I listened to you first on mindvalley. Im so grateful for your teachings Lisa. “Create your own story” is what I think of when I think of you. I loved the story of Quitters never win, winners never quit. It completely changed my thinking. Thank you thank you thank you!

  7. Stephanie James
    Stephanie James says:

    Lisa i don’t where I ha e been hiding but I just discover you by chance about about 6 weeks ago and binge the weekend on you brought your book abundance now that same weekend and you are inmy life since the. . I love having you S my mentor
    Thank you ,you are amazing

  8. Alice Aida Ayers
    Alice Aida Ayers says:

    I ordered the program and I’m waiting for its arrival.
    Thank you for this education. I’m turning 60 in June and it’s my turn to live abundantly!


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