How to navigate relationships – juicy stuff!

Brothers. Sisters. Childhood friends. Cousins. Parents. Partners. Our loved ones can bring us our greatest moments of joy and our deepest pain.

So often when I am coaching, these are the relationships my students want to release first. The broken ones. The hurtful ones. The relationships that have faded into the background with the growth of their exciting professional lives and communities.

But before you start cutting ties, I ask that you take a pause, and ask yourself, “What about this relationship am I grateful for?”

A few days after ending a 21-day, international tour followed by back-to-back meetings in New York, I flew to Sacramento to go crab fishing with my brother, my dad, my son, and several friends.

And on that trip, as I listened to my dad belly laugh so hard it hurt, I thought, “Wow, this is truly what abundance means.”

Abundance is being able to follow your professional calling and live a joyful, loved-centered life at the same time.

Maybe you, too, have some people you want to remove from your life. Or maybe you’ve felt the strain your career has put on your dearest relationships. Join me in this video where I discuss how you can breath life into your broken relationships, love toxic people from a distance, become a rocket booster friend, and use care-formations to clear confrontations in all areas of your life.

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