Abundance NOW! Behind the scenes – Move past where you would normally stop

Fear. It’s one of the most powerful emotions we encounter. In fact, our fear is rooted deep in our subconscious minds and it’s very purpose is to keep us alive.

But that same fear that keeps us safe can also hold us back.

You see, when we’re not afraid, when we’re not experiencing fear, we’re not playing big enough.

It’s only when we get comfortable with fear, and see it as a learning tool, that we can know more, grow more, and stay on our A-game.

Your Financial Readiness Assessment / Abundance Now Behind the Scenes

Have you ever heard the saying… “Money doesn’t grow on trees”?

Or how about, “The rich will always get richer”?

If you’re like me, then you may have grown up learning these negative money mantras from your parents, your church, or your community.

Let’s Talk About Money… Abundance NOW! Behind the scenes continued!

Have you ever heard the saying… “Money doesn’t grow on trees”?

Or how about, “The rich will always get richer”?

If you’re like me, then you may have grown up learning these negative money mantras from your parents, your church, or your community.

Abundance Now – how to avoid outgrowing your community

Grab your pen and notepad and hold on tight because we’re covering a lot of ground in this video!

As we continue to talk about relationships, I think it’s important that we discuss the strain that occurs in our relationships when we begin to outgrow our loved ones.

So often, as we begin to succeed in our life’s mission, and we start to work longer, faster, and harder toward our goal, we can forget to nurture the community that has loved and cared for us along the way.

In fact, the ultimate success is creating the lifestyle you want and helping those you love in it. Read more

What you need to know about romantic relationships that will heal past hurt and welcome in a new energy/ a game

In this video, I’m talking about romantic relationships.

This one’s a game changer.

This, right here, completely changed the way that I approach and release my romantic relationships.

This lesson helped me to silence my unresolved emotions and chatter, and allowed me to feel whole and complete, even after a relationship has ended.

But most importantly, it taught me to understand that each and every romantic relationship provides a specific and necessary function that we need at different points in our life.

This is something you will not want to miss.

So grab a pen (and maybe a few tissues!) and check out my most important lesson on romantic relationships.

Behind the Scenes of recording audio book Abundance Now

Intentional Relationship

One of the first things I coach my students on is how to uplevel their circles.

Why, you ask? Because a large part of the growth in my own business had to do with who I chose to surround myself with. My relationships have shaped who I am and have transformed my life.

In both your personal and business circles, seek out the high ROI relationships.

Look for people who will pull you forward, put you on your tippy-toes, and will inspire you to reach higher. And once you find them, keep them close to you. They are your voice of reason, your direction, and your sounding board.

How to navigate relationships – juicy stuff!

Brothers. Sisters. Childhood friends. Cousins. Parents. Partners. Our loved ones can bring us our greatest moments of joy and our deepest pain.

So often when I am coaching, these are the relationships my students want to release first. The broken ones. The hurtful ones. The relationships that have faded into the background with the growth of their exciting professional lives and communities.

But before you start cutting ties, I ask that you take a pause, and ask yourself, “What about this relationship am I grateful for?” Read more

How to Get Everything You Want. Literally, Everything.

What would it take to for you to be totally satisfied with your current circumstances? Have you even asked yourself that question? If not, maybe now is the time. If something is troubling you, look at your present situation and define it. Are you making the money you should? If not, why not? Are your children more like houseguests than family? Maybe you want to achieve more, work less, be happier, or have less stress.

Where Could You Find Abundance in Your World Today? Everywhere!

When I ponder this question, the first response that comes to mind is: friends. It can be a wonderful thing to have an abundance of friends in life. A friend can be a confidant, who really does keep our secrets hidden away from the rest of the world.

A sample from Lisa Nichols’ newest book Abundance Now

In this week’s Abundance Talks, Lisa Nichols gives you a sample from her newest book Abundance Now, and the upcoming audio version.