Now its time to take Global Leadership to the next level!

Our GLP students told us how we can improve the powerful experience… and we listened

We are now offering you MORE content, MORE faculty, MORE time and touch for less cost and investment to you. Less travel, less hotel costs, less out of pocket initial investment to get started.

Application is required for you to be accepted into this program.

We have improved the delivery system by providing the content in a more consumable fashion. Introducing smaller doses, provided in online module format for maximum consumption at your own pace, immediate repetition and lifetime video library access.

• Added Live weekly Faculty Q & A Calls (targeting the subject matter covered in video modules)

• We expanded the Faculty team of teachers to cover 360 what you need NOW

• Added 40% new content and curriculum over all 6 semesters

• We slowed down the content (turned off the fire hose that we were feeding you through) and now allow Applied Learning time within the program

Maintained our 3-day Live Intensive Training, 1 weekend per semester so that you to develop meaningful connections with your Global Leader tribe and get face to face time with your dynamic instructors to deep dive in a live learning experience. Added Laser Coaching to enhance the learning and implementation

• Added a brand new Applied Learning Day – the day immediately following your 3-day live intensive, assisted by ‘Global Leader Coaches, you get to stay together and actually begin to apply the work BEFORE you leave. There is no formal content taught this day. A room is reserved for you and other Global Leaders to all meet and get into small groups and drive maximum productivity off of the synergy of working in a common space.

• Most of all, we have made accessing the program more affordable for you, by chopping the education up into consumable and fiscally manageable pieces. Courses and payment are both now managed on a semester basis

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